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Since 2000, I Cambristi, a Belgian association, has been bringing together those who play chamber music for pleasure: amateurs, professionals, students...


Today, playing chamber music has become less common, as there are so many different activities and hobbies available. It is sometimes difficult to find suitable partners and an encouraging and friendly environment. This is what we offer in our association.


Through our membership list, we offer our I Cambristi members the opportunity to meet and play chamber music with partners of their musical level.


Our "Musical Evenings" and "Music and Tea" afternoons are an opportunity for them to perform the chamber music pieces they have worked on in front of other members.


By organising our annual Tutti Cambristi and Master Classes, we offer our members the opportunity to continue to improve their skills in the art of playing together under the guidance of excellent teachers.


Play-in meetings are informal gatherings for sight-reading or presenting to other groups the works we are working on, and are often an opportunity to form new ensembles.

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